Thank You

Dear Family, Friends, and Supporters,

After a lot of consideration I have decided to suspend my campaign indefinitely. It was an extremely difficult decision, but just as my family was my first reason for running, they are also why I simply cannot risk the consequences of an unsustainable campaign.

While there was significant interest, there was no clear indication that the numbers required for such an approach to be successful are there in today's political environment. I still firmly believe that for representative democracy to be restored, there will have to be at least a few early candidates that show how citizen funded campaigns can change the course of our country, but I will unfortunately not be the first to do so.

I remain deeply concerned about the direction we are headed and am committed to fighting against the institutional corruption that currently dominates every facet of our government in whatever way I can.

I want to thank everyone that sponsored me in this endeavour as it gave me the opportunity to explore this ambitious idea much more deeply than I ever thought possible. We desperately need more people like you to be at least minimally engaged, because the system we have now is clearly not working.

In closing I will be taking my campaign site down within a few months, but would appreciate any further generosity that can be spared to settle a few small debts to those that helped with my campaign and whose efforts should not go without compensation. I have lifted the limit on contributions and any additional support towards meeting the target would be greatly appreciated.



Bruce Skarin

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