Sticker Rebellion

On November 4th, 2014 Massachusetts will elect incumbent and thirty-eight year career politician, Ed Markey to a six year term in the U.S. Senate. This can be said with great certainty, because Republican Brian Herr is out-gunned and nothing like the few independent minded Republicans that have had some success in the Commonwealth's statewide elections.

This election is just a rubber stamp for one of the most important offices in our country, and Ed is happy to keep it that way. Lets make it at least a little interesting. Your vote is worth more than the $0.12 it cost Ed to "buy" the votes that got him into the U.S. Senate in the first place.

We want to invite everyone who wants their vote to be more than a rubber stamp to join this Sticker Rebellion against the status quo. We'll make it as easy as possible for you. For any small contribution, we'll send you a sticker and instructions for how to cast your vote for Bruce on November 4th. For a sticker to arrive on or before the 4th, please pitch in before the 1st.

To be a spoiler, based on polls and the last real midterm race, Bruce would have to get at least 400,000 votes from Ed Markey supporters alone. This is not going to happen. Nevertheless, we want your support to write-in Bruce.  If you want to support the sticker campaign, click on who you would have voted for, make a small contribution, and we'll get your sticker in the mail. As election day nears, we'll post online and email the total number of votes 'taken' from each candidate so you can be confident in your vote in support of getting rid of money in politics and restoring equal representation!

Short on cash or too close to election day? There are detailed instructions here on how to write-in: BRUCE SKARIN 25 Herricks Ln, Millbury

How would you vote?

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