Dear fellow citizens,

I need your help.

Pundits and political analysts tell me that it is impossible for an outsider to make any difference unless you are wealthy or famous. Yet over half of Massachusetts residents are unaffiliated and strongly prefer an independent. Come November, we deserve a choice that includes a candidate that is representative of this new majority of voters.

Our current political system is broken, and now we are failing as citizens of a republic, as stewards of our planet, and in our promises to our parents and children.

Sometimes failure should not be an option. That is why am I willing to go against the odds, leave behind a perfectly good job, put at risk my life savings, and all the other responsibilities that come along with providing for a family. It is time to say no to impossible.

As a father I know we must protect the future for our children. As a scientist, I know that we cannot continue to wait when we already have what it takes to create sustainable solutions with huge benefits for all. Finally, as an independent, I know that we need more voices in the Senate that can mediate between the major parties.

What will I do differently?

The only thing that I can do when the odds are so far against me: ask for help and take it one step at a time. The first step is a 1,000 mile, four month walking tour of our Commonwealth, where I will go town by town introducing myself and my approach, collecting signatures for getting on the ballot, and most importantly listening to ordinary voters.

The second step is the creation of an new platform for continuing the conversation online in a way that is fun and rewarding, and that gives each one of us an equal say over the priorities of what we work on together.

How will one campaign make any difference?

It won't, but there are already two independent Senators and 2014 is only the beta test for this new approach. In 2016 we will roll out the entire platform to any candidate, that wants to truly represent the people.

It is time we restore representative democracy. A government of the people, by the people, for the people. Massachusetts once was the birthplace of our Republic. It is only fitting that we be the ones to bring it back.

Help me get on the road by pitching in now.


 Bruce Skarin

Bruce Skarin